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Thinking of starting an art journal? Here are two easy ways to jump start your pages

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

There is nothing worse than a blank page. It can be downright intimidating!

Don't walk away from your art journal! I have two ways to get you rolling.

Get yourself some wax paper or saran wrap and some paint. I don't care if it's school grade Tempra paint or fancy acrylic paint.

Pick two bright colors. I went for a blue mixed with white and red mixed with some white.

Load up your brush and put it all over the wax paper or saran wrap. Yes. You are allowed to mix the colors and no, it does not matter how you put it down. You can brush it on or even scrape it onto an old key card and scrape the paint off onto your wax paper.

Get an old piece of scrapbook paper or just a piece of paper OR, go straight for your journal.

Flip the wet side of the paint onto your scrapbook paper and slide that paint around with your hand. Kind of like petting the back of a dog.

Now, lift that paper up and see what fun stays on your scrap paper or journal page!

You can keep going from here: add white on top of the same sheet of wax paper, flip and smooth. Add a bright yellow, or even orange!

Now that you have this amazing page of paint, what do you do with it?

First- LET IT DRY!!!! This is always the hard part for me!

While your page or piece of paper is drying, pick out one of these easy journal prompts. That can help lead you in the next step.

*Three things I would like to try in 2022

*One new recipe I will try

*Three things I am grateful for today.

Two ways I will pamper myself this month.

Now that your paper is dry, you can do a few things to start:

If it is on a piece of paper separate from your journal, you might punch circles out and glue them down on your journal page. Write out your journal prompt answers next to each circle.

Draw a flower with a black pen and cut it out around the outside of the black ink. Glue down flowers in a line and write out the answers to your journal prompt.

Don't like journal prompts?

I would rather put quotes than prompts, so here are a couple of ideas:

Write out your favorite quote for the New Year!

Add a line from a song you play on repeat.

Write out :

HELLO, 2022!!!!!

New Beginnings

Looking Ahead

Let's look forward to.....

Whatever you choose to do, do it with a non-judgemental thought process. This is for YOU. Art journaling is a safe place to creatively express yourself and send those stress thoughts and feelings out the door. Tear it up your page, start again, Glue more paper over something you are not sure of, do five pages, do one page. Just have fun while doing it!

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patricia brown
patricia brown
Jan 16, 2022

Thank Goodness

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