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3 Step-By-Step Ways To Conquer A Blank Page

First things first.

"I never know what to do with a blank page."

A blank page has NO POWER over you. You have permission to mess it up, tear it up, add one color, add seven colors, or paint over the entire page you have created.

It's just a piece of paper. It does not-I repeat: DOES. NOT. have to hang in a frame in a museum or on your wall at home for all the world to see.

The page you create is just for you. It's your emotions on paper, not someone else's. That page is seen through YOUR eyes and was created by YOUR beautiful hands.


"Where do I even begin?"

This is a good one, cause there are soooo many answers!

Pick three colors: Use only those three. Scrape the three colors across the page with paint and an old key card.. Maybe listen to a song and move a black pen to the music. When the song finishes, fill in the scribbles with the three colors.

Do you like circles? Squares? What is your favorite shape? Make that shape with some cardboard or grab an old lid from a jar and dip it into the three colors. Transfer that onto your blank page and press the color into the page. Ha! That page isn't so blank any more, now is it?


"OK, fine. I can fill a page with circles. What do I write about?"

Glad you asked.

Take a line from a song that has been going through your head all week and write it around your shapes. Write it through the scraped paint. Mention why the song has been going through your head and what it means to you.

Find a quote you like and write it down. Type the quote out on a word doc and use some fun typewriter font. Cut out the lines of the quote and glue it onto your page.

Do you have letter stamps? Stamp out the quote.

Some of my favorite quotes are :

"When you love what you have, you have everything you need."

"Find your tribe. Love them hard."

"Today is full of possible."

"Honor your pace."

"Thank you for this messy, beautiful life."

Add a shape like the arrow I have running through the words. Outline the words and the arrow with some white to make it pop.

There you have it! Before you even know it, you will have created a full page in your art journal. Now go forth and be brave on the page!



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