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5 Of My All Time Favorite Art Journaling Supplies

Have you ever tried art journaling? It seems like I have been enjoying this type of art for forever! . It's a great way to relax, explore, listen, play, and have fun!

On Facebook, every Monday through Friday at 1:00 p.m. (PST) I am giving small lessons on art journaling through quarantine. I use everyday items, nothing fancy, and I am learning so MUCH from everyone who joins in. It has been a lifeline through this crazy time. I'd love it if you could join in! If you can't make the live sessions, look through my Facebook page and find past videos.

A friend of mine, who joins in on the lessons with her daughter, asked me to list some of my favorite supplies that I use. Such a great idea!! I linked my favorite top five supplies below. There is a link to Amazon for (almost) each one, and if you order off of the Amazon links, I will receive a small percentage.

So, there is no starting art journaling until you have a journal, right?

My go to journal would have to be the Canson Mixed Media journals .

This product takes quite a bit of paint and collage work. Paint adheres well to it and I love the bright white pages.

I have found that the journals I offer have held up quite well to all KINDS of stuff: glue guns, paint, glue etc. Who knew? Each journal has 249 lined pages, so if you don't like writing without lines, you can always leave room for yourself to write your thoughts. Each cover is hand lettered and has a print from original artwork.

You can find the journals HERE.

Plus, they are ON SALE now through May 9!!

Next up, PENS!

Do I love a good-super-fine-line-black-pen or WHAT?

I'm constantly on the hunt for one that doesn't smear if I go over it with paint.

One of the best is the basic, extra fine line Sharpie.

Yep. It holds up to just about anything. The only thing you have to make extra sure of is that your paint is dry. Otherwise, say good bye to your Sharpie. I have learned this the hard way. Several times. (Insert eye roll here

While we are on the subject of pens, also love the look of a white pen against dark backgrounds. My all time favorite-go- to -pen is the Decorese Gel Pen in Pastel White. I adore it. It flows well from the nib, doesn't clog and has the best tip ever.

Here is an example of the white against a darker background.

Let's talk paint...

For messy, fun art journal play, I will pretty much use any kind of paint. For example, I love the sample sizes of house paint you can find at Home Depot or Lowes-you know-the rejects? They are thick and glossy and you can mix anything into them.

The Artist Loft brand of acrylic paint from Michaels is my next go -to paint. If I am concentrating on something specific, I love the myriad of uses that comes with Golden Paints High Flow Acrylics or the Liquitex brand of Inks are fun as well.

My kinda fun is shown below:

Paint and a brush, paint and hands, paint and an old card scraper.....but wait.

Have you ever tried a Paint MARKER??????

Uni Posca Paint Markers are my go-to. Lots of even flow from the nib, great coverage and long lasting. I don't recommend using them on rough paper-it will shred the nib, and it's very sad when that happens.

Now, this next item might seem a bit odd.


Yup. Scissors. If you have old photos to cut out, or small items to cut, you will be very frustrated with your regular sized scissors.

Let me introduce you to the Cutter Bee Scissors.

Do you see all the crap and glue and paint on these scissors? I ADORE these scissors. Can you tell?

I honestly think I have had this same pair for at least 10 years, if not more. They are a force to be reckoned with.

Do yourself a favor, cause you might not ever buy another pair of scissors for art making ever.

Journals, paints, pens and scissors.......what else could anyone need?


You cannot forget the glue!!!!!!

Honestly? Mod Podge is my friend, specifically in Matte. You can't go wrong with it. You can paint over it, slap anything on top of it. It won't leave tacky marks, it won't leave a sticky build up.

I have been out of it during this quarantine period and have been using up what I have, which is always a good thing. My glue sticks have been handy, my Gel Medium works like a pro, but there is just something I love about Mod Podge.

Photos, paper, cardboard....just about anything can be glued down with Mod Podge.

There you have it! The top five cannot live without (for long) items I use.

Hope this list is helpful in getting you started on your artistic journey!



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