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Do You Know What I See?

Here is the second installment of getting to know the Soul Sisters.

I had so much FUN creating this girl.....

Dear Me, I see you standing there, wanting to do what all the other kids do. You want to conquer the monkey bars. You want to run like the wind. I see you, embarrassed by being picked last. Do you know what else I see? I see a little girl who finds really cool markers for hopscotch. You will remember the feel of them in your hand when you are older. You will remember how it slides just right as it arcs from your hand. You will conquer that hopscotch, and you will have so much fun with it. Do you know what the bonus of hopscotch is? YOU GET TO DRAW ON THE SIDEWALK. I know, I know-you would rather grow to be the Olympic Monkey Bar Champion, who seems so strong and courageous. Those days will fade, and as you grow up, there might not even be monkey bars in the school yards anymore.

But girl, they still make chalk. And you can take that chalk with you wherever you go.

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