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First You Need To Know What Art Journaling Is.

Let's start with the basics, shall we?

Journaling is writing words, thoughts, feelings, experiences, etc. in a notebook. It can be done in a variety of notebooks and you can use a variety of writing implements.

But, what the heck IS art journaling???????

If you google the words art journaling. get ready for an avalanche of different and glorious images.

Actually, ART Journaling is a safe and creative place to express yourself.

Just like regular journaling, there are no rules and you don't have to show it to anyone. So.... what's up with the Art part? Why would this be something you would want to do?

There are proven psychological benefits to Art Journaling.

One being that creating art can be used to relieve stress. Yes, you heard that right!!!!

Creating art releases Dopamine- which plays a role in how we feel pleasure. Art lowers the stress hormone Cortisol.

A fascinating article on how visual arts can be a refuge from the intense emotions associated with illness can be found HERE

Bottom line? Creating-even for short amounts of time -is so good for you.

O.K., great, you say. But how do I get started?

OOOH! Glad you asked.

You can begin as simply as getting colored markers and your journal out.

Use a few journal prompts such as:

"This Is What Made Me Smile Today"

"I Was Able To Show Kindness Today By________"

"My Favorite Things About The Season Of Winter/Summer/Fall/Spring"

Try writing the title in different colored markers. Use markers to write your thoughts down.

Do a Google Image search like this:

Next, copy a drawing that you like, or print out an image and glue it into your notebook.

See? Just like that.

Now, if you want to dive a little deeper, you can get yourself a Mixed Media

Journal. The pages in this type of a journal will hold up to water, ink, glue, etc.

A go-to journal is the Canson XL Mixed Media Journal. You can find it in different sizes at Michaels or Amazon. I like the 7"x10" size.

Another fun journal is the Dylusions Creative Journal.

You can also use a Moleskine notebook.

This is the quick journal entry I did this morning. I had some paper that I used for practicing a technique I taught last week and I used a paper punch to cut out the circles and then added the text using a Fudenosuke pen by Tombow and added the lines around the circles and colored them in with markers.

There you go! Your intro to Art Journaling.

Stay tuned for more....techniques, videos and sign ups for Open Studio Sessions where we will play with so many different art techniques for journaling like this at my studio!!



P.S. I don't get any kick backs from any of the product I have shared with you. Not that I would mind, but I don't.

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