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Flagpole Friday. Otherwise Known As Small Victories.

This week has been a doozy, friends. How about for you?

Have you found yourself in a boat with choppy waters? Were you able to see land? Get your sea legs under you?

This is where we shout our victories-big or small. This is where we share how we planted our flagpole on our hill. I don't care if your hill is as big as an egg or a mountain. It's YOUR hill. YOUR victory.

When we share those victories, we remind ourselves and each other that we are not alone!

I planted my flagpole in an odd place this week. It was in a phone call to my GI doctor.

I have Ulcerative Colitis and it tends to kick me to the curb now and then. But before it does, I fight it tooth and nail. I tell myself, "Surely this isn't happening." I say to myself, "If I just cut out _______ food, it will get better." "If I don't do this, or if I do do that, it will go away."

Not this time. So, I called my Dr. and he prescribed even more meds, but my greatest area of being thankful is that it's a mild flare and no prednisone. The flagpole is that I conceded and admitted and surrendered to help and lots of rest this week.

It's not awful- it's just crazy making when I get pulled out of the push and go go go mode.

Well, UC is crazy making anyway. One can never figure it out!

So, tell me friends- tell me your victories and let me shout hurrah!! with you.



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Lynn Richards
Lynn Richards
Mar 30, 2019

Went back to dance class, even though I had a really hard time last class and got frustrated.

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