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How To Do An Easy Image Transfer

Do you have old magazines? (I used an old Better Homes and Garden magazine.)

Do you have clear packing tape? (By the way, if you don't have the packing tape, you can find it at Dollar Tree!)

How about a bowl and some warm water?


Ready? Find images in the old magazine that are pleasing to you.

Lay down a piece of clear packing tape over the image.

Cut images out around the packing tape. If there is an image you like that is wider than the packing tape, just overlap another piece of tape to cover the entire image. I overlap the pieces of tape about 1/8".

Next, put warm water into a dish. Put all your images that are cut out and covered in tape into the warm water. Let them sit a couple of minutes.

Start rubbing off the paper on the side of the image that is not covered in tape.

Continue until all the paper is rubbed off. The image will stay on the packing tape!

Below is a quick time lapse photo of rubbing the paper off.

Next is my "oops" moment.....

When I took off all the paper from the images, I laid the pieces of packing tape down on the magazine.


In the photo above, the tape stuck to the cover of the magazine. I washed off the second layer of paper, but the tape kept the images. Just doing it's job...

On one hand, it kinda ruined my cute "home" word. On the other hand, it looks like a cool double exposure, so I think I will keep it and see what I can use it for.

Moving right along, I ended up using this butterfly image. This is what it looks like with all the paper rubbed off from the magazine and I laid it on a piece of white paper in my journal.

Then I added a wash of yellow watercolor to the journal page and here is how the image looks.

The images are easy to adhere. Just use Mod Podge or Gel medium in a thin layer and lay down your image. You will need to work from the inside to the outside of the image to get any bubbles out. I use my fingers and press and drag. Wipe up any remaining glue.

From there, I added a couple more images, more water color paint, washi tape, and wrote a few notes.

The sky is the limit on this! Hope you are able to try it. Let me know if you do!



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