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Let's Get Messy In The Best Way With A Gelli Plate

Have you ever used a Gelli Plate? If you haven't, then get ready, cause it's gonna be FUN.

There is something incredibly freeing about Gelli Plates.

Besides 101 different ways to use them, it's just magical watching paint and marks roll off of it onto paper. After that, what you choose to do with your papers is unending. I get lost on Instagram on their official site: @gelliarts. You have been forewarned!!

Here are a few time-lapse videos of what I played with this week:

Here, I began with some purple I mixed with blue and red acrylic paint. Next,I added some copper and then I added Yellow Oxide with the copper paint. Finally, I "splotched" on more purple with a Q-Tip.

After peeling off the paper, I added High Flow Indigo paint to the Gelli Plate, along with more copper. Next, I put the same paper back down and after I pulled it off, I added a few more yellow dots with the Q-Tip.

I decided it needed a little more, so I put some white acrylic paint on the plate and re-applied the paper.

I really love the little blue and white at the top with the copper barely mixed in.

So....I like the way it looks, but now what??

First of all, get our your clear packing tape!!!!

When you are finished pulling prints off your Gelli Plate, you will still have some paint left on the plate. Before you clean it off with soap and water or a baby wipe, put several strips of clear packing tape over it. When you pull the packing tape off, the paint will stick to the tape and it looks amazing when you put it on paper.

Super easy!

Here, I put the packing tape on a page in my journal, and left enough room in between each strip to be able to write.

Next, get out your paper punches, glue stick and journal and you can have more fun!

By the way, JOURNALS are available HERE !

Punch out all your favorite spots on the paper you pulled from the Gelli Plate.

I used my one inch square punch for this page in my journal, and wrote in the days of the week. . I just used the glue stick to adhere it to the journal page.

Surely, this will keep me organized, right???????

Next, I used a little banner punch and laid the pieces of paper across the page and added the line with a black pen. I added a little Journal stamp at the top.

This leaves lots of room so I can write out what I need to get out!



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