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Meet The Sisters

"Small Self"

The Soul Sisters have come from a pretty deep, heartfelt place in my soul.

Some are from years and years (and years) ago, some are from more modern day times.

Everyone has their own story, and I find it comes out in different ways. Right now, I’m finding comfort and release in remembering my little girl self. She had a crappy haircut, always got in trouble for wearing socks without shoes, and was pretty lonely. I decided to write about what’s behind these little girls to encourage others. Cause sometimes when you think you have done aaalll the hard work, it pops back up and needs just a little more attention. I’m finding that being kind and gentle with myself helps so much during these “bumps”, and hope that you can do the same

So, here we go. This little one is known as "Small Self" and her story goes like this:

Dear small, vulnerable me: You are enough. Oh, sure, there are a hundred different ways you can improve yourself: Change your hair, clothing, makeup. Workout harder and longer. Get a degree, finish that project, join a club, take a class. Style your house, get new clothes- it’s an endless list. Yes. Some of these things are awesome-go you!! Make that change, take a walk-learn something new- Along the way, please, please don’t forget....YOU are enough. YOU are acceptable-that inner core of YOU. Just you.

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