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Making A Road Trip Doable For An Artist

Here it is. My most favorite item I took with me on our Roadtrip...besides clean underwear and my toothbrush.

My handy, dandy HP Sprocket printer.

(no-this is not an ad or a sponsor.)

I'm not usually one for road trips. I like to GET to where I'm going, so I can relax and ENJOY where I am.

This printer helped all the miles speed by! I used it in the car, in the hotels-anywhere. The fun was that I can create art anywhere with it.

It comes with a charger that fits into the USB port in the car. Imagine that! I was so excited to find that I could plug it in when the battery was low and continue creating.

My printer was purchased on Amazon, (you can find them at Best Buy, and pretty much anywhere) and I also ordered a large pack of paper on AMAZON before we hit the road.

This printer interacts with your iPhone and it doesn't use ink to print, so there are no cartridges to replace. All that needs replacing is paper. The paper comes in packs of 10 and it's super easy to insert.

Every day my sweet husband would begin driving and I would pull out my printer and my art journal. I would connect my phone to the printer through bluetooth, select photos from my camera and print away.

Each photo is 2 inches by 3 inches and has a sticky back. After printing, I peel, stick and continue.

For real.. It's that easy!

If you have an HP Sprocket printer, what do you use it for? I'd love to know!



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