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What The Heck Is Flagpole Friday?

"Small Victories"

Every Friday, on Instagram and Facebook, I post "Flag Pole Fridays". It's a day and time to shout out your victories from the week! I don't care how small or big that victory was. SHOUT IT.

Cause when we do??? We encourage others to do the same, and again-we know that we are not alone.

Here are my thoughts (my heart, really) on this painting which, is called “Small Victories” No victory is too small. Your battle MATTERS. The hill you climbed today? It might seem small to the next person, but it was enormous for you. And you climbed it. And that’s what matters. Your hill. Your flagpole in the ground. Your victory. Did you walk right past a pile of dishes, crap, whatever last night and get some much needed sleep? FLAGPOLE! Did you read another story, change another diaper, wipe another nose? FLAGPOLE! Did you call someone to ask for help or prayer or silence your phone for some sanity? FLAGPOLE

How about heating up leftovers for the win? Making cookies and eating the dough, Stopping at 7-11 for a snack with your child just because? FLAGPOLE for all of them.

Did you fight the battle one more time for your special needs child? FLAG. POLE.

Did you remember you are loved without measure today? Maybe you thought about it for the first time. Guess what? FLAGPOLE.

Tell me about your flagpoles!!!!

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